Any NY REIs?

Hi, I am new to wholesaling in NY. Most of the investors that I speak to are from out of state (sometimes out of country). I would really love to speak to by a REI in NY.


hey abirminham for the answer to your question just go to that should help you out, now im from upstate ny and they are having their monthly meeting this month on the 30th im also just starting out in wholesaling myself i`m just studying trying to learn everything and anything that i can so i can succeed, wish you well and good luck and check out that web site.

Anyone from or interested in the Buffalo, Western New York area, i am a new member of the WNY REI club.

We meet 3rd Weds of the month.


yes i`m sure march 30,2006 in the rochester area meeting @ 7:00pm networking @ 6:30pm