Any Mortgage Note Buyers offering Temporary Seller Financing?

Does anyone know suggestions on finding a Mortgage Note Buyer that helps with temporary seller financing for properties in California?

I have found one company that offers this type of program (along with a marketing opportunity) using a technique called Transferable Seller Financing that’s included in their Seller Assist Program, but they don’t do transactions in California or New York. They can help a seller offer and create a seller financed note and they will buy the note at a discount at closing. The seller can use their cash to fund the transaction.

Anyone have suggestions?


Do they operate in FL?

I don’t know specifically in what areas the following operates but here’s a few

Rapid Flip USA

Home Seller Assist

National Funding and Investments

Evergreen Capitol Group

Note Funding Resources LLC

TSF is a program John Alexander promotes under many various names.
All Notes are bought at a discount.
An Institutional Note Buyer that does simutaneous closings can do this as well. I reccomend this California Mike over there is an old Pro.herbster