Any luckk with knocking on doors?

I know many people send letters to people that has recieved a notice of default which hasnt been to effective for me, but I hear knocking on doors is the most effective way. Does anyone does this and if so, what do you tell these guys?

I’ve been knocking for a few weeks now.
What I have seen is that people will talk to you. Even if they say they sold. I say hope it works out but if not give me a call. What I do find if they are at home you can get in.


Ive been knocking and most sellers dont even wanna talk about it. Its like theyre ashamed ???

I havent started yet, but listening to audios of those that are doing it: Mark Sumpter, Dan Doran, Tom Kish and the like, Door knocking is the way. You get a chance to meet the homeowner instead of being just one letter among hundreds. It is true, they may talk to you, but try to maintain contact. They are in denial of what is happening to them. WHen they are ready, they will call you. From what I learned, just tell them you will check in in 2 weeks to see how things are going. You are trying to build rapport with them as oppposed to the ones only sending lettters and poscards out. Build a relationship with them. That is what I am learning. I am building my own list as I can get access online to my county records. :slight_smile:

How do you decide which doors to knock on? Where do you get your information?

Regarding this question, you need to compile a list from someone or do it yourself. ONce you have the list, if it has the address. Use mapquest to find the direction to it and knock. I am compling my list right now cuz my county is not electronicatlly challenged.