any luck with google adwords?

Does anyone use google adwords here? Im making a website right now and want to look into the PPC arena.

There have been several previous discussion about this topic. Have you tried the search function under the date at the top of this pag?

Hi Jesse,
There is a reason Google has grown to the empire it is today - AdWords. 97% of Google’s revenue comes from AdWords. AdWords work! Let my qualify that though. They work is set up properly. You’ve got to do your keyword research and make sure you are targeting your exact audience. That will give you the highest possible conversion ratio. My 2 cents.

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I’ve used adwords in the past and it was effective at driving people to my website, but it can get costly. You have to make sure you can convert those click throughs into sales or leads effectively or you are wasting money.

It’s also very important to do your keyword due diligence so you are attracting the right people. I’ve since disabled all my adword campaigns because my conversion was not good. It takes a lot of testing to get it right.

Take a look around the web for a Adwords Coupon or something that would give you some free money to start up an account and test out. I get mailed coupons for $100 every now and again.

It can be very effective, but you must be willing to pay top price for top 3 listings. I’ve found that anything below the 3rd position greatly reduced CTR. Good luck.