Any luck buying used and selling as is.

Any Luck with Purchases and selling as is?

Now I know the best way to make long term money with Mobiles is to rent or sell as is. However I only have so much money to live off of and move mobile home with.

Anyhow tonight I make an offer for an older mobile on a lot for $3,000 cash. He was stern about $3,250 But he is in a small mobile, has 2 kids and his wife has a 3rd on the way. When I pulled out the Cash a waved it in front of his wife she made a pleasing gasping sound. So I assume she will be working with me. Anyway I want to buy this home for 3 grand, Paint the inside walls and sell it fast for $5,500. I will go as low as $5,000. With Paint, Titles and Gas to drive there I should be out about $350.00 cash max.

Does anyone have any ideas of how I go about moving this? Or is it too difficult for most people that buy mobile homes to come up with $5,500. Can they even find financing?

1 out of every 3 homes I plan on remodeling to where it looks nice and Owner Financing for the long run. I must sell some instantly as I only have so much cash to play with, and I am doing this full time.