Any Loss Mitigators Out There?

Hi I’m trying to get a real loss mitigator (one that works at a bank) to hire for questions I have regarding S.S.'s my company works on. I am willing to make it worth your while $ !

I really need some insider info on a couple of questions that i have. I had one working with me after hours via email/telephone that worked for a major loan servicer but they have since changed fields and are no longer “in the know” with regard to the new programs/guidlines that are being presented to/from the lenders on the inside.

I have done nearly 60 S.S.'s in the past 2 years so I am not new to the industry but I have noticed a lot of changes recently when talking to the L.M.'s.

Thanks for the prompt reply.

What questions do you have? I currently work short sales as well? Let me know if there is anything that i could help you with.