Any investors or rehabbers in Youngstown, OH?

Hi everyone. I recently purchased a rehab property in Youngstown, OH not far from Youngstown State University. Just curious if there are any others out there investing in this area?



Bruce, I do not own any properties in Ytown. However, I have a few clients that do. Recent experience has shown that Ytown is still trying to recover from the loss of the steel industry. Market values do not increase very quickly. Of course it depends on the area.

I recently bought a duplex in Youngstown OH, but since I am an out-of-state owner I’m getting a Property Mgmgmt company. If you are interested, let me know I qill send you their contact information.


Hey George

Its great to come across another Youngstown Investor. I am outside of OH too. Just curious, does your duplex need rehab? If so have you had any luck finding general contractors? I’m meeting 3 different GC’s at my rehab next week to do walkthroughs for bidding.

My first thought was to flip this property after rehab but being since it is close to YSU it might make more sense to rent. Feel free to pass along prop mgmt info to me. Thanks