Any Investing Related TV Shows, Podcasts or Magaznes you can steer me to?

Besides How-To & Instructional videos, are there any TV Shows, Reality TV, TV Specials or anything of the sort that relates to Real Estate Investing that I can watch and learn from
For example, :rolleyes I don’t watch HGTV, but flipping through I did watch an episode of ‘Flip This House’ which seemed pretty loaded with useless information. Lots of common knowledge. But perhaps I didn’t watch the right episode or saw the wrong show. I know they do have reality series of the sort.

Other than that example, any PBS, NPR, or shows elsewhere that your aware of or watch yourselves on a regular basis that you can recommend? Any Podcasts, Magazines, Articles you may suggest?


Try HGTV for “Investment Property” or similar name. I’ve caught it once or twice and it’s an interesting show about renovating basement apartments, probably in Toronto, in order to get more rent for the mortgage. They do a nice job. Wish those guys could do a unit for me.


There’s also Do-It Yourself network (DIY) that shows how to do many projects. A lot of the house flipping shows went by the wayside since REI isn’t the current fad anymore.

You can learn everything you need to know from Armando Montelongo! LOL


PS - don’t forget to wash your hands after dealing with him!


I see your point about the Real Estate fad going away. DIY Videos are helpful in some areas, YouTube is good for those.

Does anyone listen to any PODCASTS? Or have any decent Magazine suggestions? There’s a lot of magazines out there, which ones are good? There’s 100 times as many podcasts. Any suggestions in that regards?

I haven’t been able to find any real estate investment magazines. It drives me crazy when I see all the Quilting, Photography, Body Building, Automobile Buying Magazines. Not one real estate rag for the general investor like us.