Any info would be extremely helpful!!

Hi everyone!
I’m new to this site and would like any info u can give me! We have been researching flipping homes for about 6 months now and I acquired my real estate licens and the finance got his general contractor license. I am also 6 months from have a bachelors in business/ small business ownership degree. I have some questions!

  1. I just joined some local REI meetings and am hoping I can meet some investors? I have read a lot on this but cant help be hesitant about how easy some people make this sound! We can’t go the mortgage route seeing we both work for cash and we already own a home. What can I do to make this process easier? Well, not easier, but more ways to meet potential investors?
  2. are there any classes, meeting, videos, books etc I should be reading with must have info?
  3. do most people use an agent and the MLS or do they find foreclosures from banks and newspapers mostly?

Thank you so much!!

  1. Some of your local Realtors should know some of the bigger property owners in town. You could also scan thru your county tax records too and see who owns several properties. Look for “we buy houses” signs in town too. Call “for rent” ads you see.
  2. The forums here are about as good of source as any for REI info. I’ve read quite a few books and most of them only have a few good pages of info. Don’t fall for high priced classes which promise to expose the “secrets.”
  3. There are a range of houses on the MLS where I’m located…everything from move in ready homes to places that are falling apart and not worth fixing. I’ve bought plenty of foreclosures right off the MLS as well as directly from banks. I also found a big package deal on Craigslist last year that was about to go into foreclosure.