any info on this guy??!

I had asked a while back if anyone knows of Thomas Kish. I did not get any responses, was wondering if anyone new might have or someone else would view who has.
Interesting because it seems to be a legitimate set-up. Setting up business lines of credit to use for REI.

Any knowledge is appreciated.

Soon after your query, I started getting emails from the guy. I googled & found an entry on . .
At least one customer is dissatisfied.
Good luck,

thanks ray,
I will pull the info off of google. anybody else?

I’ve bought Tom Kish’s course ( Beat the System). His strategies should work. I’m in the process of applying for Business Line of credit…
If I would be you; I would try it since it’s low cost and I know other Investors who has received line of credit. One word of caution: He claims that you can get upto 200K business line of credit. For that you or your partner really need to have extremly perfect score and may be working relationship with bank. But as a starting point I’m totally convinced that you can get upto 10-20 k (per card) line of credit if you follow what he says.

-Janak Mehta

thanks janak,
i have considered just going ahead and buying it at such a cheap price. Guess i just wondered if it was a bunch of bs like alot of the programs out there. is the program easy to follow? and how much cost is involved in starting out a new business?

His program is very easy to follow since it’s a step by step process.

-Janak Mehta