ANY HELP? need creative financing plan in PA

Looking for investor to purchase house and sell it to me on terms. Recent divorce caused credit problems, unable to finance through bank, looking for 1-2 year financing until I can get my numbers back up (currently 611 high) Currently renting house I’m interested in and I’m a registered non-profit animal rescue in PA. 5 acre house, 2 br, barn in Western PA, I have $1200 down payment, and signed sales agreement for sale price of $45,000. (have approx 20-max 30 days to finalize) Properties like this are not easy to find, especially at this price, plus I’m already established at this location. Any help or ideas?

Are you going to be living there? If so, there are investors that do 585 middle scores with 100% financing and there is room for exceptions, always see if you can get an exception. Folks remember lenders take into considersation top scores but alway’s look at the MIDDLE score first, that’s the most important. If for any reason your credit pull only reveals 2 scores they will take the lesser of the 2. Good luck it sounds like you’ve got a good one!!! What will it appraise at? Also, lenders look at the lesser of the 2, Appraisal or purchase price. There is a creative way around this, conceptually. A seller second!

As mortgages metioned, if you plan on living there you shouldn’t have to much isse with your scores. Most lenders want you mid score, but some will use your high score. With the money you have, you should be able to get into the house, especially if you plan on living there.

By the way - I’m in Pittsburgh and I noticed that you run an animal rescue – I want to get my fiancee a cat and I would prefer to save one then buy one, how far away are you?