Any great books about politics?

I think ide be a really good person in politics. Ide love to run for Congress or something when I get old enough.

I just had a INTERESTING conversation with a Obama/Democratic group that were passing out flyers. I dont know what came over me… never felt it before. I had a hatred pass through me, that ive never felt. I seriously OWNED like all 10 of those Obama supports. They were trying to people to sign a petition for “health care reform NOW”. I saw that and I went off.

Im a pretty mellow, somewhat shy guy actually, but I went at it, and it felt good. Shocked my parents though. (I was not using a nice tone either)

“Do you guys respect the Constitution?”

They all nod “yes”

"Where do you find it in the Constitution that gives authority to the Federal Government to create a program such as health care? And, even if it was Constitutional, can you name me ONE country that socialized health care works? You guys seem like a smart group of people, well maybe not, but how about you turn off your little CNN BS, and learn for yourself instead of sponging what the Liberal media tells you. Is that to hard? You guys basically support theft. You guys discust me, scum. "

I know what I said right there was not a politically correct way of saying my views, but jeeeez, it felt good. I may want to be in politics for a living.

Watching them all BAFFLED seriously made me day, ive never felt like that. I just OWNED a group of people that were quite a bit older than me. My dad was angry(he says I need to keep my political views and religious views to myself), but my mom was somewhat proud of me. I loved it.

Anyway, the reason of creating this thread, is because im looking to TUNE UP my understanding of the Constitution/government. I want to be able to CHALLENGE AND OWN any BIG GOV Liberal idiot I come across.

I dont want to turn this into a Health Care thread…

Any books that you guys have come across that would be good for me to check out? Ive already read the Constitution plently of times, so not that.

P.S, my stance is SMALL GOV, fiscal conservative, socially tolerant. Remember my name. Josh Azbell, will be running for something someday! :beer

I love it man.Your dad is the old way that too many conservatives have been for way too long.If libs are pushing,push back and since they are like sheep that don’t have many facts,it’s simple to do.

You are not alone my friend,I’ve done the same.Keep it up,don’t just get ran over,thats what they are used to.When you hit them with the facts,they are stumped.Any of dick morris’s books are great.They really open alotta doors since he was a dem adviser to clinton you get the type mindset and goals the libs are after.

Again,good job,the uprising is happening and I’m proud to be a part.We’ve been silent toooooo long.It’s the promise of life, liberty,pursuit of happiness.Not healthcare,free house,etc.What’s so hard to understand this simple statement for these people.If you idolize european nations so much,move there,don’t transform this one.

Go to,,, Watch America: Freedom to Fascism…that ought to get you started. TONS of books out there, but those sites will have current stuff, I think, nice to see someone thinking for themselves. Americans are waking up…finally and hopefully before it’s too late.

I know what I said right there was not a politically correct way of saying my views, but jeeeez, it felt good. I may want to be in politics for a living.

You’re awesome man. You will have my vote if you ever decide to move up in the big game. You need to get your feet wet locally first. Young people win seats in the house all the time! It’s all about how much money you can raise. The one who spends the most, most often wins. Here locally one of the old timer republican house members Virgil Goode was dethroned by Tom Perriello (LIB) simply by spending a boatload of money on radio. And I rarely heard a Goode commercial. He made him out to be a loser and attacked him viciously. He also said he supports the right to bear arms so he could grab a hold of some republicans.

He is infected with the liberal sickness. I am just giving an example of how you don’t have to wait until you get older. . But I think you will have your best shot in the house. Educate yourself on ALL of the issues so you have the ability to comment in a conservative manor on anything.

My dad was angry(he says I need to keep my political views and religious views to myself), but my mom was somewhat proud of me. I loved it.

I’m proud of you to man! :biggrin The thing is, if you want to be a politician, you need to be able to give cheap shots tactfully. Not like me! Make them look like a complete fool without calling them one! Positive is very good at this so watch his argumentative style. I don’t have the patients to tactfully throw a democrat into their place in the corner, with a dunce cap, where they belong. :biggrin

And when you get there, be one of the good guys. Don’t get sucked in by the lobbiests and PAC money. Do what’s right for the people and drastically reduce the size of the government. Implement the Fair Tax and put the going out of business sign on the IRS. Permanently end all corruption by passing bills that put some severe penalties for taking money in any form (including the 400,000 job to the senators son or the weekend getaway provided by the AMA so the politicians can have an hour business meeting in Hawaii and enjoy the rest of the trip). Get ALL elections funded solely by the people so there are no favors to be made. ETC. Don"t get taken in by the “Good Ole Boy System”.

As far as books go you may want to check out the present best selling Liberty and Tyranny by Mark Levin. If you don’t know who he is, he is a far right conservative who has a syndicated am talk radio show. Funny voice but real nice guy. Animal lover. And one of the strongest supporters of the constitution that I know of. He was a constitutional lawyer and a former senior Ronald Reagan Justice Department official.

Sorry, but have to say that Mark Levin is a Neocon, don’t buy his book. Don’t believe me, do some research. A true conservative doesn’t support preemptive wars. A better book to buy would be The Revolution by ron paul. And the creature from Jekyll island.

Yelling at libs doesn’t really do much in the long run does it? A better approach would be to pester the hell out of your congressman and support the conservative parties with campaign $$$…and of course vote.

You’re wrong about that my right wing friend. Libertarians positioned themselves as being different than Conservatives by not believing in preemptive war. This is their big swing to the left and one of the very few things that I disagree with Ron Paul about.

Anyone in their right mind agrees with preemptive war although many have no clue what it means and mix it up with the term preventive war.

Preventive War:
A war initiated in the belief that military conflict, while not imminent, is inevitable, and that to delay would involve greater risk.

Preemptive War:
Preemptive war (or preemptive attack) is waged in an attempt to repel or defeat a perceived imminent offensive or invasion, or to gain a strategic advantage in an impending (allegedly unavoidable) war.

I always agree with preemptive war but feel that preventive war can be necessary in certain circumstances. Like blowing up Iran’s nuclear weapons production facilities.

And Mark Levin doesn’t fit the bill.

[i]Neoconservatism is a political philosophy that emerged in the United States of America, and which supports using American economic and military power to bring liberalism, democracy, and human rights to other countries.[1][2][3] Unlike traditional conservatives, neoconservatives are generally comfortable with a minimally-bureaucratic welfare state; and, while generally supportive of free markets, they are willing to interfere for overriding social purposes.[4]

The term neoconservative, first coined at least as early as 1921, was used at one time as a criticism against liberals who had “moved to the right”[/i]

I would agree with you that he believes in helping people suffering genocide in other countries (like Darfur) via American military power. And he agrees with preventive war with Iran as I do.
Here is a little clip of Mark on preventive war.

AND, he is not a leftist moved right.

He is NOT “comfortable with a minimally-bureaucratic welfare state”

And he is NOT “willing to interfere for overriding social purposes.”

So, I disagree with what you thought John. You should listen to him some more. He’s a solid conservative.


I agree with Hooch here… Levin is a conservative…

Hoosier, there are many books, websites, newsletters, journals, etc. to read, but one thing I would encourage you to do is to read BOTH sides, conservative and liberal… It will help sharpen your POV, and truly test what you believe… It is also useful to understand the liberal mindset…

Books on the history of our country and how the constitution was formed, along with books on original intent, will help anchor you politically… it will also tend to disgust you on how far we’ve strayed from our founding as a nation… I assure you, the Founding Fathers NEVER wanted the government to take so much of our income, and forced distribution of wealth through taxation from one group of Americans to another was anathema to their thinking…

[i][b]There are many great books, but these two are a great start…

[/b][/i]Alexis de tocqueville - Democracy in America
Ann Ryand - Atlas Shrugged

Additional Authors:
Edmund Burke
William F. Buckley Jr.
Milton Friedman

Although I haven’t read it, from what I understand, Mark Levin’s book - “Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto” is a great book, as well as “Men In Black”…

This should get you started… good luck, and hopefully one day we see you in politics as a conservative warrior… :beer

He supported the patriot act…how can a true conservative support that???
He is an entertainer, He has a character morphed by ratings. Who knows what he really thinks, but I can guarantee you he acts like he thinks most of his listeners want him to think. But enough about him. Just don’t buy his book. He isn’t a real conservative.

Do you two who disagree with me about war, really think our federal gov’t is capable of better foreign policy than domestic??

Do you think we can afford to be in 134 countries right now policing the world??

Do you believe in what our founding fathers believed in pertaining to foreign policy and wars???

Here is a great video between neocon and real conservative views

who looks like the boon here??

I found this online that might help you too:

If you guys haven’t read Ron Paul Revolution, give it a shot. It might change some of your views. Or it might now whatever, I really don’t have time for a big argument on an internet forum…You have mark levin, screaming at callers being rude with very little respect to other opinions, and then you have Ron Paul, an honest politician who gets his facts from places other than Mark reading headlines(D.C.).

Don’t buy his book!

These are the books ive already read or have been reading.

The Federalist Papers
The Revolution-Ron Paul
The Richest man is Babylon.

I agree John, The Revolution, is a very good book. Ron Pauls the man.


We can disagree on conservatism as it relates to indivudals…

Ron Paul is a great American IMHO becuase he advocates smaller government, withdrawal from the UN, tax cuts, closing overlapping and bloated government agencies, property rights, abortion abolition, free-market principles, opposes gun control, illegal immigration, American sovereignty, fiscal policies, strict constitutional constructionist … I can continue to list these items, but what you should consider is that Mark Levin ALSO agrees with ALL these same advocacies… so if you disavow Levin as a conservative, you go a long way to doing the same for Paul…

Point is, there will ALWAYS be disagreements within identifiable “groups”… history is repleat with this…

And contrary to telling someone NOT to read something, you are better off reading and understanding many POV"s when challenging and developing your beliefs… If you FEAR reading something, you give it more power than it actually has… if you CHOOSE not to read something, that is another matter altogether… BUT, you shouldn’t tell someone NOT to read something unless you yourself have read it… suggesting someone read something based on other people’s recommendations with whom you share POV’s is normal, as they can discard it if they don’t like it…

“Do you two who disagree with me about war, really think our federal gov’t is capable of better foreign policy than domestic??”

No, because the mode of thinking changes every two-four years, so interest groups internally and externally will ALWAYS exert influence on an ever-growing government… The smaller, more accountable government is, the less chance that this will happen… the larger, the more you feed the hog…

“Do you think we can afford to be in 134 countries right now policing the world??”

No, I do believe we can be the policeman of the world. We are better off being an example to the rest of the world and influencing it (i.e. - the “shining city on the hill” metaphor), but unfortunately, we are morphing into the very governments and choosing polices that have faiiled throughout history under some misguided belief that somehow if it is tried in America, it will be different, but we can already see over the past 50 years… IT WON’T BE… this has had ALOT to do with failed immigration policies and “interest groups” instead of focusing on being Americans and what that means…

That said, if our ALLIES ask us for help, we should absolutely help if we can… puts more street cred into actually being an ally of the USA instead of just money…

“Do you believe in what our founding fathers believed in pertaining to foreign policy and wars???”

Absolutely… but the short form of this is what you have to remember, is that the more we are entangled in the world, the harder this becomes…

Hoosier, sounds like you are off to a great start… :beer

In case nobody has read the book The Richest Man is Babylon, i highly reccomend it. Very cheap, quick read, but wow, for a book written in the 1920’s, it really hits alot of things on the head. What a great book. A must read for people graduating HS/college.