any good websites

Hello everyone. I am a newbie in rei. I wanted to find out if there was reasonable priced website that has a comprehensive comp info on properties (ie ones that allow you to pay for their service once per month and not everytime you log on).

Francis VA

I’ve heard good things about for comps. I have not used them personally. I believe they have pricing available on a per comp basis or a subscription.

thanks for the tip but the website kinda caters for indiana and texas investors. Also I didn’t see anything about comps on there.


Looks like you’re right about the states. Sorry I didn’t realize that. I haven’t used them. Looks like the comps are here: but it looks like it is for Texas and Indiana. Sorry. Anybody else have anything?

Try for website solutions. They did the work for one of our partners: .

Good Luck,
Sean Pham