any good "turn-key"web sites?

I did a search and couldnt find anything even though i swear this has been discussed in the past. Maybe its late and my brain hurts.

I am looking for a turn key website for real estate. Something where visitors can get some info on how to prevent foreclosure, how we buy properties and where we can put up homes we have for sale.

I know I have seen several companies that offer something like this for not too much

Obviously it has to be something we can edit, but has to offer a template of some kind.


This site’s owner, Tim Randle, has something along those lines, I believe.

i really like the look of this site.

i want to be able to do what he has done in terms of utilizing a forum program but keeping the site exactly the same.

our site changes from one site appearance to a completely different look, because we’re using a seperate link for our forums and probably because we have no clue what we’re doing… :smiley:

once the site looks a little better - i’ll put it in my profile.

this site is good though.

You can check out these guys:

Several investors in the Miami, FL area use them.

Good luck.

I absolutely love for my sites (buying, selling, private lending if you want). Their back office stuff is great. The sites look very professional and definitely give you credibility. The best part for me is that their customer service can’t be beat!

You can do auctions (down payment or full price) like eBay and everything. Sites translate to Spanish if you want with touch of a button, and every lead is stored in your back office with color coding so that you know who to follow up with, if you’ve missed the day you were suppose to follow up with them, or if they are a dead lead.

Really great stuff.

Big Cheese

big cheese.

i went to your site. i’m not sure what services you offer? are you selling properties on the site? if so, where?

i saw some of the services you offer. your prices seem high, if i was reading it right.

so basically, you’re selling course work for people to buy that helps them become a real estate investor.

and helped you develop this site? you mentioned that supersmart has auctions - buying selling and borrowing. but do they offer webhosting and this e-course for you to sell for them, whereby, if you sell from your site - you make a profit?


I do not sell properties on that site. That is a different site altogether and was not developed by Super Smart. Those are different businesses with different USP’s and URL’s.

To check out all that Super Smart has to offer, ask for a free demo. They offer webhosting. I’m not sure what you mean about the e-course.

For questions and comments about my website, I feel that private IM would be a better course of action. But thank you for visiting nonetheless.

Big Cheese

has anybody tried has realestate websites for as little as $24/month. Sign up and use the 10 day trial, design your website, then go live if you like it.

Just an fyi… if you can come up with the content (the 4-5 pages of text you need), you can pay an offshore designer very, very little money to do a great looking site. You can click my sig’s links to see, eg., what a $200 will buy…