Any good opportunities for Countrywide employees to benefit with short sales?

I work for Countrywide and wondering what advantages this has for me to purchase REO’s or do short sales?

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Maybe it’s just me but that seems to scream, “Conflict of Interest”. Have you asked around the watercooler?


My first questions is, what do you do for Countrywide? Are you an Asset Manager? Are you a Loss Mitigation Rep? Or do your responsibilities lay someplace else?

My opinion is that it would only be a conflict of interest if you are directly involved with the decisions as to what the property sells for. If you can influence whether or not you get the property for less than what another potential buyer could get it for then you could be looking at some problems because you are not looking out for the best interest of the company. If you are not able to directly influence it, then you would be just as able to purchase the property as the next guy/gal and do with it as you please.

But, with that being said… If you are not in charge of the loan/property/file/etc. but you have contact with the person who is, then you could possibly still purchase at a better rate than another potential buyer under the justification that you were able to present a better case for your offer than the others. It all comes down to how close you are willing to walk to ‘the line’. Just be smart about HOW you do things.

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