Any foreclosure site worth the $$

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Has anyone had any good experience with sites like,, etc? I can only go to the court house once a week, so I was thinking of subscribing to one of these sites to get leads.

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have you checked to see if your courthouse has website or not? Here in florida, we have access to foreclosure data online. there are many places that have that data online.


I was at clerks office yesterday and found out that they do have info. on the web. I was so happy but I did notice that if you use the site from your house that there is no pic of the document, so I cant get property addresses. I will have to find a way to use the info. I get and I will just go to the clerks office when I can to get info. ;D


If you continue to go thru the documents, the property address usually pops up. Or you can cross reference it aginst the property appraiser or tax collector site to get the address. Unfortunately this is as far as I got so far. Am planning on taking my list and start door knocking soon,.

what kind of foreclosures? All government foreclosures( which is mostly what I’ve seen on such sites) are online already for free. Also I usually call the major banks in my area and find out what realtor they use for their REO’s


Other government sites

I went on the san bernardino county records online and only a document number and name come up. There is no pic of the document like when I go to the clerk’s office. ???

Your right, i went to that site and found this before starting a sample record search: How can I obtain a copy of a recorded document? A copy may be obtained either in person or by a written mail request. The copy should be received within one to two weeks of our office receiving your mail request by First Class Mail. If you would like to expedite your mail request, please submit your request by one of the express services, such as FedEx, Priority Mail, etc. Please remember to include a billing slip and/or envelope that has already been prepaid for the return of your copy.

The good news is at least you have a way to search for lis pendens using the Document Title. and then you can search by date and pull up the grantor/grantee by date. I am not familiar with the grantor/grantee. One of the other more knowleged people can answer that question for you. Once you have those names, you should be able to get into the property taxes/appraisal site and cross check against those sites. I’m not sure what other docuemnt you would need to look at to see which bank decided to start the foreclosure process.

Also check with your local REIA. Many clubs have foreclosure networks available for monthly fees around $100. They are generally the best thing out there since it comes with build in comp calculators as well…

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Here’s my 2 cents. I tried ReatlyTrac anf I went to the sherrifs office and compared the list. The online services had less than 10 properties going to auction and the sheriffs list had 97. Of the online properties listed, only two appeared on the sherrifs list. I cancelled my subscription.

P.S. I tracked these services for four months and the data remained very constant… :frowning:

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I think I have been to all the foreclosure sites and haven’t found one that impressed me. Many of them charge $10.00 to $100.00 a month with some of them charging an additional fee per property you want addiitonal information for.

It is my understanding there is a website coming out in the next few weeks that will have pre-foreclosures on it from major lenders (these are properties that have not been made available to REO agents!) and many post-listed properties (these are properties that the REO agents listing agreement has run out on and the company owning the website has purchased in a pool of homes).

There is going to be 3 levels of people viewing this website, professional investors, experienced investors and beginning investors. The “pro’s” will have the property lists along with current BPO’s released to them 5 days before anyone else, then the experienced investors will have a chance to reveiw and purchase the property for 5 days, after this 10 day period, the beginners will have the property list released to them. Of course, the most profitable properties will be scooped up by the first groups.

The only thing seperating the “pro’s” from the beginners, is the amount they paid to belong. I am excited about this new site because of the properties it will offer.

If anyone wants to know about this site, please email me at. It is not up and running yet, but I will answer any questions I can.

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can you forward the web site address please?


I would appreciate this information you are discussing and keep me posted.