Any feedback on Naked Investor systems?

I was wondering if anyone has purchased or know anyone who has purchased the Naked Investor programs such as the Mentoring program or the One on One Couching? I just want to make sure this is not just another R.E. “Guru” trying to make a quick buck with useless and out-dated material. Thanks …Steve

I can vouch for it.
I’ve had the manual for about 2 1/2 years now.
If you’re into lease options/options, then I suggest
you give it a try.

As far as the 1 on 1 and/or personal coaching…
I’ve talked to Michael (“The Naked Investor”) on
the phone on several occasions, but not for the 1 on 1 mentoring.
It’s not a bad way to go, seeing that he’ll do all the talking while you
do all the leg work. You then split profits 50/50.
Pretty nice to earn while you learn.

Given that he sells his manual for $97, I don’t see him
making a fortune being some “Guru” trying to make a quick buck.
I can assure you he practices what he preaches on a daily basis as his main source of income.
Great forum community he has as well.
Why don’t you ask him yourself?

Given his program, manual, and forum, it’s
great support (and fun) all the way around.

Hope this helps.

I have his manual. And at $97 it is the best bargain of its type, bar none. But don’t take my word for it. It’s ratings are number one on two independent sites:, and Courses that sell for seven times as much can’t compare. Go figure. ???
As for his mentoring, I can’t speak from personal experience. I do see that his costs are way below what some of the other dudes charge. And from the posts on his board, his students have success stories to point to. Good luck.

Wow…thanks so much for the feedback…that’s exactly what I was hoping for…thanks again, Steve