Any Federal Tax Incentives for Landlords?

I need to replace some windows and insulation. I’ve found tax incentives for owner-occupied homes under the stimulus program, but nothing for landlords.

Does anyone have knowledge of any landlord federal incentive programs?


Landlords are evil exploiters. They are the “richest Americans” that Obama expects to pay for everyone else’s free goodies.

Don’t expect any free goodies for landlords from the feds.

Often there are state programs with incentives for windows and insulation. Try that.

Tax incentives for landlords include deductions for:

Mortgage interest, real estate taxes, DEPRECIATION, repairs, travel expenses and many other legitimate expenses. Other incentives include capitol gains rates for properties held over 1 year, and no self employment/social security tax on rental income.

Now…these may not have been the types of incentives you were thinking about but they are available to the landlord.