Any Experience with Government Contracts?

Has anybody had any experience with a Federal Government Contract for your realestate businesses?


None with my RE business but much with my previous engineering business. Generally, you need to have an inside track, not illegal or unethical, but some experience working with government employees who are willing to take a risk on you and your company because you have given them exceptional service previously.

Many rules and regulations to be dealt with, but once you get in, hold on and ride the gravy train.


Yes I do, what would you like to know. I am working with Washington right now.

Thankyou all for responding to my thread. It is my first time attempting to procure a govt. contract with my business. I basically need to know everything :cool

I applied for a DUNS number last week with DUNS&Bradstreet. Still waiting on the confirmation from them. What should my next few steps be after obtaining my DUNS?

Generally, Govt contracts are obtained by winning a public Request For Proposal (RFP) . Contact the business office at the agency you plan to solicit work from and learn where they advertise their bids. Go in and speak with their business development staff to find out what types of services and products they buy and how you can tailor your services/products to best fit their desires. Get a list of current contract holders. Contact the contract holders and see if they are forming any teams for anticipated RFPs. Try and get on the team.
Review the current RFPs available and see if there are any where your company is a good fit. If so, write up a proposal and bid on the RFP.


Thanks for the advice jmd_forest. Particularly for the part about contacting the contract holders.

But wouldn’t the contract holders be suspicious? Do most contract holders already have a team of RFP reviewers?