Any Chicago wholsalers or rehabs here?

Hello all,
I was wondering if anyone is investing in the Chicago land area. I am a semi-pro wholesaler and was going to start in Chicago (Cook county) as was wondering how the market is treating you. Please let me know.

A good place to start are the local REIA. here is one:

Also, look at craigslist under the real estate service. Might be able to find a pro to network with and can let you know how the market is treating them

I was curious as to how your efforts to wholesale in Chicago were going…


Hey Everyone
I do rehabs full time in the chicago and suburbs area. Wholesaling is good if you are a strong networking person. Its a little rough on some people right now and others its going good.

Well, there are different REI Clubs in the Chicagoland area. Some are better than others for networking.

Here is my .02 worth. Try as many as you can, do your OWN due diligence on the clubs and the people there. IT is important you get to all of them if you want to build a solid reliable network to deal with.

Some investors only go to the club that is 5 minutes from their house or job. So if you want them to buy your deals, you have to go to them. I don’t agree with people only going 5 minutes, but hey, their choice I guess.

I have done my homework on clubs, and by far the best is WCRT -

A nice second is the CCIA -

So, get out and get yourself known as a solid, decent, trustworthy, and credible source for deals, and I think your business will see positive returns.

4R Management,
When do your clubs meet?
I am a new property finder (with a construction and mortgage background) and would like to meet with other investors in the chicagoland area.

What is a typical meeting like?

Thanks in advance

Well, I doubt these forums are the best place to discuss this.

The club has many meetings each month. I would suggest reviewing the site for it. But why I like the WCRT so much is that they do not allow any hard SALES from the front of the room. No “if you like what you hear, but want to know more go to the back and buy my XXXXX” None of that is allowed, just education and good networking.

Again, the best is to attend an event, they do allow the first time you attend to be free of charge. first thurdsay of the month.

I think the listings for all clubs can be found on the REI Club list on this site: