Any CARELTON SHEETS students out there.

Well the topic does say beginners and Carleton Sheets.

I am a Sheets student and I have networked with many other Sheets students.

1 1/2 years ago I knew nothing about real estate or investing. Now I have become quite good in the niche market I have chosen.

After speaking with many discouraged students I have found that the problem was not with the program but with the person.

Once I read the course I thought I was some kind of investor and ended up spinning my wheels for awhile. Then I gave up my way and tried it Carleton’s way.

The program does work! If you work it the way it was laid out.

I have had people with disasterous credit scores say they can’t get financing. Well, the beginning of the program tells you how to get your financial health in order. Step A then step B…Ahhh What a great idea.

I was inexperienced and fearful starting out but once I did that first deal…all I can say is WOW! It really is a whole new life.

Most people I talk to WISH someone would take them by the hand, step by step, and walk them through a deal from beginning to end.
I have done that for some family and friends but if your’re not near me it’s kind of tough.

But if I can be of service, I will try to help. (Helping others is also mentioned in the Sheet’s program).

For those of you who are statistic oriented, e-mail me for details of my investing.

Good luck, if you have been disappointed by the program, maybe I can help re-energize you. If you have been successful with the Sheets program, I would like to hear about that also.

People who say the program is obsolete or that everyone is doing it so it is saturated are wrong. I am living proof it can work.

I have done NMD, lease options, owner financed, partnerships, selling notes for DP and CC. The variety of options is tremendous.

My real estate agent laughed at me when I said I was a Sheets student. Closing on 5 NMD properties in six months pretty much shut him up. :slight_smile:

This is not a paid advertisement, just a positive note from a dedicated Sheets student.


hi sounds like something i should try. looking for more information

Just channel surf TV at night…you’ll run across Carlton! By the way if you’re a REAL beginner, Sheets’ course does provide some solid basics. My suggestion, try to find his course on E-bay…make sure it’s guarnteed to be complete! I got a complete set still in the wrappers for $40.


Wanna sell 'em? :slight_smile:

Well, now that you have it, is it still in the wrapper or are you using it? :slight_smile:

I would like to know what does Sheets say about low credit scores and how to increase it.

I believe Carleton recommends a program called debt free living. I’m not sure how it works but I have heard positive comments. is one site for this.

He also recommends lease options or owner financing as a way around credit issues. They are harder to find but not impossible.
I did a lease option that turned out to be very profitable.

There is also a credit repair company that types cyclical letters to your negative creditors. If they don’t respond within 30 days the negative entry is removed. They do this over a period of time so they don’t trigger too many inquiries or disputes at one time. This way creditors don’t know it’s a repair company. They charged 50.00 per month and the process can take 6 to 12 months or longer. The results I saw were VERY IMPRESSIVE.


One company helped remove several negative entries from a friend’ s credit report. Even the ones that were really negative.

<<Wanna sell 'em? >>

<<Well, now that you have it, is it still in the wrapper or are you using it?>>

Nope, I listen to them regularly.


I also studied with the Carelton Sheets program. I do agree, it was very good. I also have studied with the Robert Allen program.

NOTE: If your interested in obtaining the Carelton Sheets program, email me.

H. Green

Enjoyed your post Jeff. Question, do you buy and rent your condos or do you flip them?

I started off buying and renting. Through that experience I got more confident and came to find out which condos were in ‘distress’ and could be had cheap enough to fix and flip.
I completed my first flip last month netting 7500 and I am re-habbing a unit right now for re-sale. These are lower priced condos in the 40-50 k range so that return on investment is quite good.