any book teaching how to analyze a deal

Can you recommend a good book which teach you how to analyze a deal ?

Howdy Lovetoknow:

If it cash flows or has equity it is a good deal. If it costs you money to own every month or you owe more than it is worth it is a bad deal. I like to keep it simple. A really close friend narrows it down to this simple sentence: If it eats (costs money to own) while I sleep I do not want it.

I disagree. I understand what you are saying and your reasoning, but there are deals that may not make money right away that are very good deals. There are also deals that make money but are not necessarily good deals.

How to Make Money in Commercial Real Estate: For the Small Investor
by Nicholas Masters.

I found this book very informative. Just search for this book on Amazon and read what others think. You will also be able to locate other good books.

tedjr: i was thinking of the same because i need cash flow right now before i can think of waiting for money to grow.

snowbank: i also see your opinion too…However, it will take some patience and $$ but the return is high. This would be after i have cash flowing in the bank

prashant: will check it out.

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You can look and your left bar where it says " site navigation" it does have some things you can check out.