Any BIRD DOG or deal in and around COLUMBUS , OHIO ?

I am looking to meet bird dogs and wanting to get deals in columbus area.

I live in Powell, can not do any rehabbing myself though.

Any takers


The next Columbus REIA meeting is this Tuesday, Oct 4th. If you want to meet birddogs and wholesalers in Columbus, that is you opportunity. I would recommend going to the buy-sell-trade portion of the meeting.



Network with MTG Brokers the do telemarketing. Make a deal that if they refer people who are about to go into foreclosure you will do the financing through them. Make this deal with about 10 offices and phone will not stop ringing.

Pat Lawson


I signed up for the membership and I will be there. Does it still happen at that place in Hilliard?

I did not know that there is buy-sell-trade portion in the meeting.

Thanks for the tip.


I assume you mean Mortgage Brokers by MTG Brokers.

“That do telemarketing” ???

Did not understand what you mean by that. Are these guys gonna ne at the meeting too?

I know Pat is from Columbus, Mike are you from Columbus too?

Are you guys gonna be there ?


hey sunny,

we’ve talked before online, but i think we might be able to help one another. let’s plan on talking at the meeting Tuesday.



Yes, I’ll definitely be there. Yes, it is at the Makoy Center in Hilliard. If you want to meet, let’s set up a time and location at the center. There will be hundreds of people there, so we’ll need to arrange something (send me an instant message if you like).

Talk to you later,



Sorry for the lack of clarity. Yes. MTG Brokers ment mortgage brokers. I’m assuming some mortgage brokers will be at the meeting. Many mortgage brokers have “phone rooms”. These brokers many times target homeowners with high interest rates or adjustable rate mortgages, i.e., people who stand to benefit from a refinance. In many cases peoples mortages have already stated to adjust and they cannot make the payments and are not able to refinance, i.e., they are quickley headed to foreclosure.

In cases where the mortgage broker knows that someone is headed into foreclosure, instead of telling the homeowner there is nothing they can do they can say, “I know a guy who may be able to help you, would you like him to give you a call?” If the homeowner says, “Yes”, the mortgage broker forwards the homeowners information on to you.

Essentially your using mortgage brokers as your eyes and ears for potential short sale opprotunities.

I hope that was a little more clear.

Thanks for more info Pat,

I guess, I will just walk into some of these "Phone rooms " then.

Are you gonna be there as well tomorrow ?


Unless I’m being paid to attend, meetings outside of my office are not my thing. 8)

I understand :slight_smile:

I would like to talk to you about the pre-qualification though on lot loans sometime.


We mail/telemarket columbus, oh. Maybe you can send me some contact info and I can spread the word. We have 4 offices in Cleveland and one in Columbus. Drop me an email if you are interested.


Sure , I will be interested. What do you need from me in order to go forward