Antique Home

Looking for creative ways to Market an Antique home built in 1690. Homeowner does not want MLS listing .

-Sending Brochures to B&B owners
-Advertising in Antique Home Magazines and Websites
-Ads in local RE books and papers

Any other Ideas ???

“Yankee” magazine used to have an area for these types of properties, too!

Keith (former New Englander!)

I understand that homeowners have their reasons, but to provide the broadest coverage for marketing the property, why couldn’t it be sold to the homeowner that way? Will they allow at least a sign in the yard?

If they truly wish to sell the property, to bring in the most offers from across the nation, it would benefit you as the agent/broker to sell them on the advantages of having the property listed on the MLS. If they don’t want anybody and every body showing up to see the property, make them qualify themselves through you, to set up an appointment, and you as the escort. Don’t have a lock box, you maintain the key.

There’s lots of ways of selling it to provide your client with the optimum marketing, since the MLS is used 87% of the time through searches.

Sell the statistics, the international access to the information, to negotiate the best selling price for the homeowners.

Good Luck!

Unfortunately they have been through this process for past two years with other agents and have not sold the home. They do not want a sign because they are sick of answering questions from friends and I believe they dont want MLS because they do not want to upset their agent friend who had the listing for two years and did not sell. We are still pushing the MLS and have provided the statistics on what MLS will provide them. Will keep at it. This one will be a challenge . Thanks for your response

Cape Cod,

I have some questions:

  1. what use(s) does the current zoning permit either by right or by special exception/conditional use?

  2. BR’s/BTH’s and house sq. ft?

  3. parcel size?

  4. Aside from being 17th century, does the property have any historical significance?

  5. Why hasn’t it sold in 2 years? Is it overpriced?


Try e-bay. Someone sold the home that the rapper emienm grew up in.