Anthony Minnuto

Has anyone heard of Anthony Minnuto and his teachings “No Money Down Apartment Buildings”?

I am also interested in his course. I’m wondering if his home study materials are good. There’s no way I could make it to a boot camp, unless it was right here in Tucson! (I have a 5 month old & 2 year old).

If anyone is interested in selling his home study materials, please contact me! Thanks!


I went to the boot camp. Its very good. Not at all like the others I’ve been to. No selling at all. It was all info. I did buy a 44 unit after I went. It wasn’t easy but I’m very happy with how it all turned out. I’m working on a 2nd property now.

I have the home study course but I’m not interested in selling it.

My advice is that it might not be for you if you don’t really want to own apartment buildings. A lot of people aren’t comfortable with apts. they want to work their way up and thats fine. I’ve invested in houses but apts are much easier.