Anthony Minnuto question


I was wondering if anybody has taken one of Anthony Minnuto’s courses, either the at-home version or the live event, and can speak about their experience and the value of taking one.


Never heard of him. That might be a good thing.

He teaches how to buy apartment buildings without any money.

I’m heard really good things from people who went to his seminar. I know two people who went from my rei club and they both said it was very good.

One has already closed on an apartment building and the other is about to.

His website is

I haven’t gone yet but I have heard only good things about it so I’m sure I will end up going.

Thanks for that. Yes, I found his website recently kind of by accident and have been getting his newsletters for the last few weeks. It’s good info, doesn’t give too much away, but always good info. He plugs his seminars often, and it’s good to know someone else who has actually heard of him and can speak to knowing of some success. I am out of the country soon, but might look into he and his seminars a bit more when I get back.