Answering Services

Hello everyone. I am starting a mailing campaign and expect to start receiving calls from sellers. I would like to use an answering service to receive and screen my calls. Is there a service that is more user friendly for investors in real estate? I am in Oklahoma. Thanks. Any advice on the type of service to use? :help

If you are just starting out it is recommended that you answer the phone yourself. It will give you the needed experience in talking with sellers. But if you are reluctant this link will give you a list of threads that talked about this subject.;params=YWR2YW5jZWR8J3wxfCJ8YnJkfCd8MjksMjQsMzAsMjIsMjgsMjYsMzksMzIsMzF8InxzaG93X2NvbXBsZXRlfCd8fCJ8c3ViamVjdF9vbmx5fCd8fCJ8c29ydF9kaXJ8J3xkZXNjfCJ8c29ydHwnfHJlbGV2YW5jZXwifHNlYXJjaHwnfEFuc3dlcmluZyBTZXJ2aWNlcw==

I agree. You better train yourself in answering your phone calls. You will be able to know the sellers and clients. :smile

Scostell the link you posted destroys this page… it’s way too long! Can’t you shorten the URL?