Answering Service Recommendations

Can anyone recommend a good phone answering service? Also, can they integrate with Realeflow?

I heard Patlive was most commonly used answering service.

I don’t like using answering services myself because:

  1. They are notorious for not answering the phone.

  2. You can’t train them to answer the phone the way you want them to answer the phone.

There isn’t really a way to get pass those 2 dislikes of mine.

But I know many successful investors that use patlive and swear by it so who knows.

I hate answering services. How many people hate leaving messages? A LOT! esp. in the pre-foreclosure market, they made a split-second decission to call you , and in the back of there mind they really didnt want to make the call but they did …

‘fffffwww … no one answered … GOOD! … o well, now I can say I tried.’

Just have a peice of paper and a pen with you at all times and memorize the basic questions. name, address, phone, are you behind on payments? how much? … then setup a time to look at the property. Make the appointment on the FIRST CALL or you’ll likely never hear from them again.