Answering machine

When cold calling to pre foreclosure leads do you leave a message and what is it?

I would just say something like…

“Hello, my name is Paul and I’m a local real estate investor. I’m looking to buy a house and wanted to know if you have any interest in selling. I can close quickly and there are no commissions or fees. My phone number, which I’ll repeat, is 555-555-5555. That’s 555-555-5555. Thank you.”

I would make no mention of the foreclosure as you have no idea who is going to get the message or who knows what in the house.

Be aware that cold calling could put you afoul of the national do not call lists. I don’t know the threshold for being considered a commercial entity but you are technically telemarketing without an established relationship with the person so if they are on the do not call list you could be violating that policy.

I wouldn’t overthink this and concern myself with DNC. (And if you are, then by all means please pull up your bandit signs, too.)

First, you’re not selling anything.

Second, even if someone wanted to try to come after you, how are they going to do that? (And do you think that someone facing foreclosure might have more pressing matters to deal with?)

According to the FTC:

"The amended TSR regulates “telemarketing”— defined in the Rule as “a plan, program, or campaign . . . to induce the purchase of goods or services or a charitable contribution” involving more than one interstate telephone call. "

Like I said, you’re not asking anyone to buy anything.

There is a thread about this in the marketing forum…feel free to add to it as it is a good discussion.