Answering / forwarding service

I’m looking for an answering service or an online forwarding service.

Either 800 or a normal number, but I need to get a local number outside of where I live.

Lets see if I can clear this up some:

I live in 847 area code, and need a 815 area code for marketing.

  • I can add a phone to my cell package at $9.95/mo

  • Found a “Vonage” type site that will forward or record messages for $4.95/mo (but not in 815)

I like the last one, as I can change the forward number to any phone & the messages get sent to my email. I’d love to find this in the same price range $5.00-$10.00.


I use vonage for local, which forwards to They’re cost effective because you can buy minutes in packages. Their fax-back service is cumbersome, though.

I use for a 800 number. $2 setup $2 per month 6.9 cents per minute. And for an answering service try $29.95 per month no per minute charge. Good Luck


my god that is cheap… I pay hundreds for the same server from voice connect. I will definitely check into these sites and do the switch if they work as advertised.

Dmiller, could you give us the website of this company please?

Teonna, is Encompasstel out of business or something, to your knowledge? The website can’t be found. If so they probably priced themselves right outta business…I can’t see how they could sustain a profit charging that little, especially seeing how an answering service business is employee-intensive.

I use a place that charges me only $39/mo & 49c/min and they do everything Patlive does - I’ve used both and I can tell you the only difference I see between the two companies is my bill dropped by 2/3rd. And this place is still in business. And compared to Patlive who charges $89/mo & $1/min it’s a steal.

If anyone is interested message me…