Another Stimulus coming?!?

Democrats are divided, but many feel that the first one was “to small”.

When is this spending going to end? :banghead

Something ohhh something needs to happen.

ALSO… via a twitter from Glenn Beck, he said the Audit the Fed bill was blocked, but I cant find any link. Anybody know anything about that?

I think I’ve figured it out.They drive us all insane like them,then we all sit around waiting to see which country will attack us first.Oh well,maybe the teleprompter king will talk us out of it all. :rolleyes :rolleyes :rolleyes :rolleyes

The attack on the people is relentless. Pay close attention to the messiahs comments about “financing our children’s futures”. Who told him that they wanted some financing? And the young people for the most part voted for Obama. That shows how well the government run media complex has hidden the truth.

My question is… If all this spending and increasing government is the answer, we should INCREASE IT five-fold to speed up the recovery!

Why not???

After all, we were told by the same Larry Summers that by passing “stimulus” we would see immediate results, who NOW has reversed course and believes we haven’t seen the worst of it…

SPEND MORE, right???

WHAT??? We shouldn’t spend more and increase the government more??? I thought that was the answer???

Just wondering if some of you obama supporters out there tell someone who is goin into foreclosure to go buy a new car.Same thing you are saying will work to fix our economy,right?If it does’nt make sense in your household,how do you expect it to work in washington??


What is interesting is that those who are so pro-government are not jumping up and saying what a great idea it is to increase the spending and government increases five-fold if it is the answer to our present problems…

The cricket sounds we here in response speaks volumes to the fact that they really do not believe it is the answer… if they did, they would be promoting it even MORE…

“The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” - Margaret Thatcher

So true… I would add, and you make the very people you are trying to help weaker and less reliant on themselves, which hurts everyone in the process…

Well said.I heard a glimmer of hope yesterday when glenn beck’s book common sense is remaining at #1 in all subjects.I feel we’re on the brink of an uprising these liberals had no clue could be done.Two more big tea parties goin on in my area this weekend,they’ve been airing commercials for them.It’s starting to effect all types of business and they are the ones with the loudest voices.I just prey for a complete cleanout of the house in 2010,this country desparetly needs checks/balances.Then get rid of the communist in 2012.Go be king of another country,Maniac!!!

How is he able to control the economy sitting at the top positions of Chrysler, GMC, and other financial institutions.

Where’s Bush? I kinda miss him now.

I NEVER thought I would’ve been glad that hillary won the nomination,but this guy,man he’s soooooo bad.Those “horrible bush years” are sure lookin real good now.