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anybody know of any free search engines for forclosed,distressed, or fixxer upper homes??

Some have free trial periods but I do not know of any that will provide you w/accurate information without paying for it.

One idea is to team up with a realtor and see if you can get a list of homes for sale from him/her.

Look for FSBOs on Craigslist and the newspapers too.


The HUD website has a page of links for foreclosed homes. One of the forums-- I think it might be this one-- has a good page of links for foreclosed homes.

I suggest you do a little googling. There are some good free pages out there. Most banks have a list on-line of their foreclosed homes.

The cheapest newspaper in your area will have pre-foreclosure notices posted in the classified under the “legal notices” section.

Paperwork has to be filed to do a foreclosure, so your county recorder will record all the notices against the properties that are being foreclosed upon. That infomation is available to the public.

As for the distressed and the fixer-upper, Craigslist is a good place to look for ads that say “must sell”.

I’ve bought fixer-uppers off the multiple listing. I’ve also gotten some good deals from distressed sellers off the multiple. Just be aware that real estate agents have no idea what is a good investment and what is not.

Word of mouth also works as a methd to find distresses sellers.

thanks for the input…all good info :cool

Google knows everything, if you know the right search codes (not keywords) google can give you what you need. :slight_smile: