Another ? on Sub2

I’ve been doing alot of reading and research on sub-to financing over the past week or two and have come up with a couple of questions regarding the matter… First, what problems arise when you go to sell the property to another buyer, in problems I mean with the current lender and such, since payoffs are ordered in the mortagee’s name, and title work will show your name. Second, how long are most sellers willing to keep the mortgage in their name? Since at some point in the future they will most likely want to buy another home… If someone who has alot of experience in this area would fill me in on a couple of these things it would be greatly appreciated Thanks

Length of time before you have to get it out of their name-as long as you can. I’ve done two years, I’ve done twenty years.

You want to keep your buyers time shorter- a year or two.

The title work will show your buyer. The lender would rarely seen any title work and probably could care less as long as they are getting what they are owed. In most cases it is the trustee you “hired” to sign off on things.
If you use the right paperwork escrow refunds will be applied to the payoff or come back in the trustee’s name. Done wrong and the mortgagee gets it, spends it and you would have to sue to apease your disgust.