another newbe bird dogging question

Although I have purchased several properties to rehab and sell in the past 30 years, I am now focusing my business on real estate investing. I still want to rehab for resale, and am not interested in rental properties, so I am looking for ways to increase my cash flow without having more work rehabbing than I want. It seems like birdogging and wholesaling could be a good idea - I could then continue to look for properties while I am rehabbing one and either pass on the deal or flip it if it is exceptionally good. That would also allow me to keep my eye out for the next property I want to rehab. Does that make sense? I have heard Barry Grimes and John Lockes courses highly recommended here. Are they only for the beginner without any investment experience or would they be a good source of info for me? Any other suggestions? Thanks


Glad to meet you.

To answer your question from my standpoint, pro investor’s to the newperson have my e-book, it can be used to train Bird Dogs as well as becoming one.

Networking is very important to a Bird Dog.

John $Cash$ Locke