Another Newb looking to get started

Hey guys I am moving to Wichita Fall this year and I am looking to get started in real estate investing and I want to know the best way. I have been overseas for the past 6 years and lately I have been reading up a lot about real estate investing. I am thinking about getting the simple mans guide to real estate to get me started. I have very good credit but my spouse does not want to me spend much money on investing. So basically I want (have) to do investing using as little as my own money as possible. What would be the best option to do that? I also plan on finding and attending a REI club.

Any advice would be helpful! Thx in advance

If you’re looking to get started on a budget and not risk your capital, I’d suggest you take a look at options and lease options. In my opinion they are the best way for the beginner. Wholesaling is also worth looking at but again, in my opinion, not nearly as easy as lease options.