Another Lie by The Chosen One - No New Taxes for Anyone Making Less than $250K.

We all heard The Chosen One say over and over that there would be no new taxes on anyone making less than $250K. Does everyone that gets a tan at tanning parlors earn more than $250K…and maybe everyone that owns a tanning parlor makes more than $250K? I’m sure that the Chosen One wouldn’t lie - or would he?

And when the Bush tax cuts expire on January 1st, will those huge tax increases affect people that make less than $250K? How about the cap and tax system the Socialist in Chief has promoted? He’s a liar and the tanning tax is absolute proof of it.

Im just curious to how he came up with taxing tanning salons? Maybe by adding taxes to people tanning will allow congress to finance its big spending.

I just hope that when this all comes to reality next year,after the Repubs take back atleast the house in Nov,the peabrain american does’nt blame it on them.You know it will be promoted as their fault,even though everyone who has a brain knew that all this spending would lead to this.

Never doubt the stupidity of the masses,remember all those thousands chanting “change” without bothering to know what it meant??Gullible idiots,no wonder Washington is full of criminals.

When you boil govn’t down to it’s most basic form, it’s give guns to a bunch of people to enforce the rules you make. Now what kind of people does that environment attract?

November isn’t going to change a thing, your vote now is A) Lets grow the government as fast as possible, and B) lets do it a little slower.