Another lesson on how to scam landlords

Teaching tenants to just do what they want. By the time the landlord can evict you, you will have gotten what you want.

Really ticks me off that we have people training others how to be losers. Common sense here would say to have the lease revert to a month-to-month for that one month. LL gets his money…tenant gets to leave when he wants. Seems easy enough.

The tenant knows well in advance that he’s leaving out of state. He’s just trying to dictate exactly what he wants. I’m sure he could speed things up to be out by the end of the lease if he had to. If I was the landlord, I’d jack the rent up as high as possible for the tenant’s last month. If the tenant refuses to pay, evict him like any other scumbag. I’ve heard of people getting bad credit when they’re behind on rent. I don’t know how it gets reported,but at least its something. I think people should get bad credit for that. Perhaps it would deter people from paying other creditors and stiffing the landlord.

I’ve read that the Landlord Protection Agency has a feature that allows its members to report tenants to the credit bureaus. I’ve never used it so I can’t vouch for them.

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Here are some tips of typical landlord/tenant mistakes. I think such things can be useful for both sides, according to the thread’s topic.

Thanks for the links. I have them added to my todo list to read through this weekend.

I have tenant’s that need to stay past their lease period for a month or 2 all the time. This is America and they can leave if they would like. If you help them they don’t do stuff like sign bogus 12 month leases or leave in the middle of the night. Help them to be transparent. I charge them an upcharge for the month or 2 (to discourage them from just taking that as an opportunity to go month to month) and they move out and we re-let the apartment.

If the landlord is reasonable by allowing them to stay the 1 or 2 months you don’t have people trying to be sneaky.

Our leases state that month to month is higher rent. We’ve charged as much as $2500 per month to month on a normally $1700 per month lease.

If the tenant gives me proper notice and wants to stay another month, and he’s a good tenant, good history, etc. – then I am going to let him/her stay. I am going to immediately start showing the unit so I can rent it to a new tenant, but the current tenant just gave me another month of rental income.