Another corporate suicide

He took the easy way out. It would take a real man to take the heat for the wrongs that he did and actually try to make things right. Hard to feel sorry for these guys.

I saw a report this morning that said he just took over in Sep. of last year. I’m not sure he caused most of that mess. I feel sorry for his daughter. They said she is only 5.

Vader- wow, is your screen name really that accurate? that’s horrible for anyone to commit suicide, even if he did make some bad business decisions, killing yourself is a pretty drastic route, think of his family for God sakes…

Maybe there’s more to the story than we know. No job is worth kiling yourself over.

haha I’m new here, had to say this is pretty funny.

Wonder what he knew, how can you report it’s a suicide so quickly?

This reminds me of the “DC madem” Death

You have me pegged wrong. Hard to feel sorry for “these guys” as in HIM, the guy who made the mistakes and took the easy way out. If he was a real man he wouldn’t kill himself and put his family and loved ones through all that sorrow. Hard to be sorry for HIM for being such a punk, but I do feel bad for family and loved ones.

I have no opinion on this suicide…especially given the fact that underlying circumstances aren’t clear.

What did catch my attention is the individual’s title…CFO.

I consider large block stock purchases by CFO’s to be one of the strongest signals that a company’s near term prospects are going to be exceptionally good.

Think about it…he/she is the “bean counter” for the company. When he/she nearly has a coronary and it compels him/her to buy a large chunk of shares…that’s a goldmine of info.

I like for both historical and real-time analysis.


Clinton administration,begining to feel more like it with the news of this suicide.How come the first day they ran the press off saying"no signs of fowl play" in about 10min.I do feel bad for the family either way.Politics and money,what a bad combo.

Most suicides are for untreated major depression. That’s a disease with a 20% fatality rate. Even a good job and a good family can seem hopeless with a major depression. Fewer men admit to depression and seek help (tough guys don’t cry) than do women. Depression kills. A lot. And it’s a treatable disease…if you are strong enough to get help or a family member is pro-active enough to get help.


I wouldn’t doubt that there is more to the “suicide”. The American government is not to be trusted.