annoying neighbor

Hi fellow investors,
I have 2 rental properties in Virgina, one property is located in a Home Owners Association development.
I am having a slight problem with one of the neighbors,she did not like my last tenant and made her so unwelcome to the area she wanted to move(she harrassed her,called social services,etc). Currently I have 2 women in there 50’s who pay there rent early and treat my property great(doing upgrades, flowers , fans at thier own expense). Apparetly this neighbor thinks she is the local mayor, worring about what everybody does then telling the other neibors what to think, calling the HOA etc. Any suggestions on dealing with this nosey neighbor.
Thanks Billy

you have a “private nuisance” on your hands. these are always tough becuase normally they never do anything truly illegal, but they are very annoying. I would review the HOA rules and perhasp speak with some without naming who the problem is. Another step is to stop off at the local police station and talk with someone about the problem. I would mention that “you are concerned about your tenants health and welefare and want to find a solution before something happens”. I have done this is couple of times with annoying neighbor issues and always been well received and gotten good advice. Cops pretty hate these petty neighbor-neighbor issues, but if you appear to be proactive and professional it will help you position if and when they need to stop by and chat with the crazy neighbor (which they will do if things are bad enough).

depending on what you learn, you may consider to go talk to this person directly. This is a double edge sword as it will get their attention but could add fuel to the fire. proceed with caution on that one.

Thanks for the advice.
I already have a call in to the HOA Community Service Manager.
This annoying neighbor had called me about 6 months ago to “let me know what was going on in my house”. I have her phone number and was thinking of calling her and asking her politley to stop harrassing my tenants.
As a last resort (probably not) I was thinking of threatening her saying I would put section 8 in.

I think the best way to handle this person is to make her your friend and ally. Maybe introduce her to these two 50 year olds or have a BBQ at the rental, invite her and others, and let everyone get to know them. What’s the saying - you can get more bees using honey than vinegar?

I think that cherdwelth had the best idea. What I would do is go over there and talk to her. I do that with all my properties. When the rehab is being done I talk to as many of the neighbors as I can. It lets them know who I am and they pretty much figure out that they really want me not to be mad at them. I am not threatening people, and I am not as big as Hulk Hogan, but I am big enough that most people don’t really want to see me mad.

cherdwelth- This may be the first good idea you’ve ever had! Kidding!

I’m going to home depot to get a nail gun for our duel.

Hey Danny - Thanks! ;D

We have Sun-tsu in common too!

Ut oh! LOL

hey herdwelth thanks more good advice!
(only problem is i live in new york and the summer is almost over )
but this turned out to be a great website to speak with fellow investors!
any good speakers coming to the long island area any time soon?
thanks again billy

Halloween is just around the corner. Have a masquerade party and invite everyone. You’ll know the crabby lady - she’ll be the witch! OUCH!! Just kidding LOL … I’m sure she is really a nice lady just wanting some attention and friends. I hope it all works out for you.

Now this ones gonna generate some replies. Years back I owned a 2 family home. I lived on the second floor and a pain in the a** tenant lived on the first. This guy drove out 2 good renters that’s how I ended up living there. The guy hated dogs, so I went out and found a sound track recording of a dog pound, about 30 dogs barking. Placed my speakers flat on the floor and cranked her up. I knew the police would be there within minutes. Being on the second floor I had a great vantage point, as soon as I saw the police car turn the corner I flipped off the sound track and put the speakers back. The police came to the door said they received a complaint about dogs I invited them in and told them the guy down stairs had a thing about cops. They commented on how nice the apartment was.
I said I was really sorry they had to be bothered. They leave and the dog show starts up again. This time they return and go straight to the first floor and tear this guy a new one. He moved out in 2 weeks. I’m not advocating this approach, I was just out of college and it could have gone the other way, but it was SWEET!! The best advice is to talk it out with the old lady and be a diplomat.

I can’t figure out any other purpose of manufacturing a soundtrack of barking dogs other than to annoy someone with. Nice job!

Didn’t they make a movie about you called “Pacific Heights”? LOL

Now that was a scary movie!! PS your advice was right on the money. Make her a friend and everyone’s life is easier. See what time teaches you? When I was 20 I would have made her life a living hell and enjoyed every minute. But you live and learn it’s all Karma man.

You’re right. When we’re young, we had mad and do something to get even - when we get older, we still get mad but let other forces get even. And it all seems to work out. I really think there is a thing called karma. :slight_smile: