And so... my journey begins


I believe that there are several credit cards geared towards buiding credit history. They are often referred to as “student cards” that college students get. They often have a bit higher interest rate as a sacrifice for having no credit history. In my experience, Amex has had the toughest standards for their cards. But I definitely understand where you are coming from, I’m 23 and have had a credit card since I was 18 and still get told the biggest blemish on my credit report is the lack of credit history. Stick with it though. Try this website, my fiance just got her first card from it.

good luck,
Bill Regan

You could also be added to your parents cards as a user and then it would be added to your credit report

You could also go to a banks and get a secured CC with the amount of the CC being what you deposited with the bank.

You could also go to small department stores and get credit like GAP or Buckle or Sears or JC penny’s they
do care so much starting up credit.

get a Cell phone and have them report to the agency like Verizion.