Ancillary Wholesaling Business Idea

Recently, I have decided to get back into real estate after several years of being on the sidelines.

I have no job… but I do run a small business which pays the bills. Sorta!

In the past I rehabbed houses and sold retail but I also wholesaled all the extras that came into my pipeline.

Recently a friend ask if I knew of anyone interested in buying a nice “bus” that holds 15 people. Was a real good price too. Nice seats, a/c, very clean, etc.

Was thinking about buying it and every week holding a “wholesale real estate bus tour” where for a fee I drive them past 10 or so real good deals that are in the market.

As we walk through I would point out a few things to look out for… looky here… stains on the cieling, oh looky here… a/c missing…

I could contact some of the local investors whose lists I am on to see if they’d like me to bring the bus by… figure out a way to make a few bucks selling their properties…

Could have referrals for hard money lenders, conventional lenders, title company, realtor, etc. who I could possibly get a referral fee off of…

I would build MY list… by networking with people who are trying to get into the business, “cash buyers”, landlords, etc. buyers for my deals, maybe they could be potential lead sources?

Any thoughts on this ancillary business idea?


Will you paint it with phychedelic colors like the Partridge Family bus?? lol

Ok, I had my fun for the day now I will get serious!

Commercial Class Drivers License Required!

Commercial Vehical Insurance Required!

Probable would want to Incorporate and include a good Liability Insurance Policy for $5m and O/D and E/O!

But in this day and age Virtual tours are very effective, remember inspections in person can be done after contracting the property and set up as a contingency!