An uninsulated house

If you pros bought a house that wasn’t insulated to rent would you do anything to it? I didn’t buy this house, it was bought from my g-ma and she had never insulated it. ???

insulation would make your heat/ac systems work less, and your tenants bills could be lower thus making them more happy.

I know I rented a house that was not insulated well and it was the main reason we moved out. Consider your options. you could probably do blow in insulation yourself for relatively cheap too.

I would say it depends on the location of the property. Here in Cleveland we have really nasty cold winters so when I find homes with no insulation I factor the cost of spray in insulation as one of the expenses for the property.

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Foreclusure Negotiator is right - depends where it is…I had rentals in Louisiana and many of the older houses there have little/no insulation. Down there, it’s a bigger deal in the summer than it is in the winter with A/C costs.


I did painting for a construction company that built subdivisions back when I was in college. If we went to paint in a house with the A/C installed, but no insulation in the attic, it wouldn’t cool down at all. So don’t only think about the bills being lower for the tenants if it’s insulated…also think of whether they will even be comfortable or not. If you don’t want to pay for the blown insulation, just go get some rolls of it and lay it out in the attic yourself. It will make a big difference.

It should cost you about .99 cents a sq ft of heated/cooled space to blow in R-19 with a reputable company. You could get it for cheaper, but don’t, because it will be cheaper and you risk too much.

Home Depot will do it for that price, and warranty it for 10 years not to settle.