AmTrust (Ohio Savings) approved brokers

Looking for Amtrust approved brokers. Running pilot program with them and Stewart Lender Services to offer brokers the opprotunity to originate the first 100% paperless eMortgage in their State. TX is the only state excluded from the program.

I’m approved with them.

Patrick, which states can you process for?

So am I—what gives?

Sorry for straying off the topic here but I have experience with Ohio Savings Bank as a borrower and I would never let them loan on a property again. Their servicing department completely fouled-up my real estate taxes and escrows. It took nearly two years and a direct conversation with the president of the company to straighten-out. Only after they sold my loan to Countrywide can I rest easy knowing the escrows will be handled professionally.

Interesting feedback, I’ll make note of that.

Even though they are one of the many wholesalers in my stable, I haven’t personally originated loans with Ohio Savings Bank—I was more intrigued with paperless lending (that what was meant by eMortgage).

Lending is one of the last industries on the face of the planet to go paperless and I’m following the trend (because it needs to be done for so many reasons).


Scott Miller

Wow. Wonder why I was not getting notifications of replies. :banghead

In any case, we can process in all states. In about 5 states our services are a little more restricted, i.e., no contact with borrower, no assistance to broker finding best rate/product, fee must be charged to broker not borrower, etc.

Here comes info out the Wazzo… :shocked I strongly suggest you check out the StewartMers.Avi video (it is large. Will take about 3-5 min to load depending on internet speed.)


Overview of the eProcessing Service we provide:

Price list for Signature Pads:

Prime Processors Submission Form:

Prime Processors Processing Agreement:

Stewart FAQ:

Amtrust eSign Consumer Marketing Flyer:

Amtrust Broker Flyer:


Freddie Mac Flyer:

Fannie Mae Flyer:


News footage of “hybrid” eClosing:

Overview of eProcess (created by MERS and Stewart):

Overview of Amtrust eSign:

Setup for new brokers to originate eMortgages is just 48-72 hours.