Ameraco out of Florida. Any one heard of them. You pay 495 bucks
and then get some course material to find homes. Submit them and
their investor network picks up the contract from you. You get a finders fee. Reality or not.

Thank you in advance.


never heard of them…that doesn’t mean that they aren’t a good company, just I have not heard of them.

One thing to remember, they will be making the big bucks, not you. You just get the finders fee. So, why not investigate what they are doing, learn how to do it, and then you do it your self without the middlemen and keep all the profits?

I looked into it before as well but did some research and heard they are hard to deal with. A lot of what I read from people saying their property requirements are not easy to meet so most of the time they won’t take your deals. Do a google search on them and you will find a lot of information about. Their rep that I spoke to wasn’t professional.

Good Luck.

I can’t see what you get out of it. You go out find property, finance it and give Americo half of it?