Am I in trouble?

I am a newbie to this field. I read the book “The Pre-foreclosure Investor’s kit”. I think it is was a very well written and informative book by Thomas Lucier.

Based on the advice in the book, I subscribed to data provider and sent out my first letter from the book. However I have lost the night’s sleep.
Some of the data provided is not current and up to date. Yesterday I received a call from an attorney, saying that his client is current on his loan and I freaked him out by sending such a letter, and that I should write him a letter of apology. I did as advised.

However today another attorney called me and said I had no right to contact his clients and write such a letter to them. He even read out some parts of the letter and said that I was being outrageous. He asked me if I was a real estate attorney. I said no. I then extended my apologies to him and said I will call his client and apologize. He mentioned that I should not try to communicate to his client and I should direct all my communication through him. So I asked him to extend my apologies to his client. He said he will be sending me a letter anyway.

I am very worried as to what kind of letter it might be. From your experiences do you think I could have violated any law by writing such a letter? What is the worst case scenario? What can I expect? I am very worried. I response from any of you would be helpful. I live in NJ.

How many letters did you send out? The responses have only been from counsel of people who were in pre forcloser?

Just a guess here, but I suspect the attorney’s are BK attorney’s and clients are passing the correspondence to them.

Legal ramifications I couldn’t tell you, but I am curious to find out what happens. Myself I am looking for pre-forcloser properties.

Good Luck

what did your letters say?

Basically that I am REI and that I can help them buy the property and and close in 15 days. That there is a possibility that they might not get any money if they get into foreclosure. Nothing serious. I took the letter from Thomas Lucier’s book.

I am worndering if people are just over reacting since they are very vulnerable. The author suggests using letters rather than knocking in doors. How do most of you do it. Didn’t you get nasty home owners with pitbulls?

I am not an attorney, so this opinion should not be taken as legal counsel. Attorneys are a dime a dozen. Because of that, they are very protective of the clients they have. They are also used to getting undue respect because of their profession. So, they tend to bully people with their wealth of knowledge. Laugh at them and say “thank you.”

I doubt that your letter crossed the line. I am guessing that somewhere in there, you presented an opinion that they would lose everything if they just let things continue the way they are going. You’re not an attorney and don’t know the particulars of the case, so the attorney would have an issue with that. Just creating more explaining time for him! Anyway, use the first sentance at the bottom of your letter to avoid any issues with “opinions”.

You’re probably fine. You may get these calls from time to time from the more aggressive attorneys. I think you handled it well. Just don’t contact those people again! If it happens again, you might want to try to recruit the calling attorney into your bird-dogging group. At the bare minimum, you’ll flatter him. You might get a bunch of good leads from him!

no law against sending letters. you are not being threatening or harrassing (i hope). what could you possibly be in any trouble for? Don’t worry about it, and tell any lawyers who contact you to not waste your time, a simple “not interested” from the homeowner would suffice.

Call that attorney right now and tell him you can contact his client, his mother or anyone else you feel like contacting. If he has a problem with it tell him to go f#@* himself. He’s talking s#*t.