am i getting the shaft?

I have owned this property for 5 years. It has always been a rental and the rent pays for mort. ,mngt. and a little extra each month.

I get this letter from the lender saying that the person servicing the loan had to be let go. Apparently she had been doing something bad, they didnt’ say exactly what it was.

The problem is the lender says I have to come up with 6 grand to bring the loan current. I have never missed a payment or shorted a payment. My property manager pays the lender and sends me the paper work. I trust my prop. manager and have all docs.

I don’t feel I have to make up for them hiring a untrustworthy person. Can the lender make me pay for their mistake. As far as I know this person embezzeled money and now their trying to get people to cover their mistake. thanks for any replies.

My first thought is scam. Call your bank or log in online to check the payment history of your loan. No lender/servicer would send you a letter demanding money to cover fraud by their employee.

Call your lender from the number on your monthly statement, or better still if you can, go by personally and speak to someone NOW.

More than likely this is a con artist trying to get $$$ from you. I hope that you haven’t called any number on the letter yet or given out any info to anyone attached to those numbers.

Once you’ve spoken to a verifiable person from the bank and gotten their response, please update us.


This sounds like a scam.

If not, if you have statement showing they received the funds, then it not your problem what happens afterwards.

I had a major problem with a lender many years ago where they received a payment that never was sent (go figure). They tried to send me to collections but in this case I had a Reconveryence letter by that time. The collection company disappears in about 2 nano-seconds once I sent them that documentation.

I got approached with this SCAM. It was some Nigerian thing. THey asked me to western union 9k to their agent for them. I called the bank and they had no clue what I was talking about and all of my loans were in good standing.