Am I assuming too much

I am looking for a lawyer to do my deals. My first question to them is: ”Is this legal in PA” Then other than looking over my contracts, what else is there? Here is my assumption: I am going to be using him for all my closings. Should I be paying him for an initial consultation? Also, I can not seem to find an attorney that knows/understands the term/concept of wholesaling

Do you really want to get a lawyer? I’ve worked for RE lawyers and dealt with many of them - they are not real fast. Actually, none of them are except to bill you. Don’t get upset Mr. Attorney’s, I’ve worked in the industry a long time. ;D :-X

Anyway, Why not look for a title company to do your closings. They are pretty fast and have access to any and all info the attorney will have.

Unless, you HAVE to use an attorney for a closing (state law) - then I guess you should look for one that isn’t all that busy - which might mean he’s not all that good! Catch 22.

An attorney to write up a standard contract might be a good idea. Cover yourself as you feel you should though. JMHO … Good luck.

I think C-Wealth has given some good advise… stay away from RE lawyers for closing… you can consult them for advise and contract preparations.

A title company that has done double closing or wholesell dealing would be better choice.

Good luck.