Am I able to INVEST??!!

I’m a Bahamian in the Orlando area. I have no social security number since I’m currently a student here. My question is Can I still make some investments to earn extra income or is there some law that prohibits me from investing here since I’m a foreigner? I would gratly appreciate your input on this matter. And if there is some reason I can’t plz offer advice on how I can go about resolving the problem. I would really like to start investing as soon as possible. I’m 20 and I really want to start building my networth right way!
Thank you for your comments!

Making $5K with no social security number? So, no taxes?

Hmmmm…maybe I’ll turn my SSN back in!

cdr, I think you should seek further legal advice.


Charlotte, Keith said something about no taxes with a question mark after it…then he made a little joke about his SSN…then he did was any professional would do, he suggested CDR to seek further leagal advice. He is an experienced investor who gives freely of himself to help others. I think you were a little hard on him. And he is absolutely correct, this person needs to talk to an attorney or someone from immigration to make sure he does things correctly. He may very well be able to invest, but unless you are absolutely sure about everything he has to do, you should not criticize someone for telling him to get legal advice. There might be a pile of paperwork and/or red tape he has to go through to be able to invest here. Legal counsel is definitely advised in this unique situation.

CDR To answer your questions, yes you can buy property in the U.S. Foreigners can own land here. I do not know the legal side of it, that is why it is best you aks a lawyer. Better be safe than sorry.

Thank you all for your advice! I greatly appreciate your advice on this matter!

If all you saw was cynical remarks, and you didn’t see helpful advice for this person in previous posts, maybe you should read them again. The fact that this person doesn’t have a SSN would automatically make me want to question if he needs to fill out any kind of papers, or get some kind of permit to work here. He needs to see an attorney for someone from immigration to see if he needs to do something before starting. Just telling him to go ahead and just do it like you did is irresponsible. And the part about recommending an attorney had nothing to do with the deals. It has to do with them making sure they do things the right way. He needs to speak to a professional BEFORE he starts. Someone experienced with his kind of unique problem.


All I see from you is attitude…period.

First you attack a John Michael answer…do you know anything of John Michael? I suggest that you go back and read some of his material…he is one of the best and most respected posters here.

This guy (cdr) has some significant legal and taxation issues that he needs to sort out before he follows your advice to run out and “make $5000 in a few short weeks”…


My! Did you just find out that Keith is your long lost alcoholic and abusive dad? You need not post messages driven by emotional outburst or uncontrollable vexation. Your initial post in response to Keith’s is most discouraging and outrightly disrespectful.
Lad, you cannot afford to burn bridges in life.

Right now I see more arguments than answers in my forum and all I want is some straight up answers on how I should go about investing.



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Thanks guys/gals,
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I am certainly not an expert on how a foreigner with no SSN can invest legally here. But to me, I would have to think CDR would at the very least have to fill out some kind of papers to earn money here. I suggested seeking legal counsel and possibly talking to immigration. I have one more suggestion…maybe talk to whoever assisted you in bringing you here for your education.

This is a very unique situation, and I doubt many here have experience in dealing with a foreigner trying to earn some money here. I would think you can, but I also would think there might be some papers to fill out, or some other hoops to jump through. I would highly advise not doing anything until you are certain you are doing it legally.

CDR, once you find out, I would appreciate a post, in case this comes up again. If I do find out anything, I will let you know. Best of luck to you.

Regards, Tony

I’ll take that advice. Thanks alot. And I’ll llike to thank everyone who took the time out to help a young investor!

Do attorneys here in the US charge you money to sit down and have a talk with them? Wat type of attorney should I consult?


Talk first to an immigration attorney before talking to a Real Estate attorney. Seek to know what the implication of your status is with respect to investing here in the US.

Happy discovery,

And I will add you should get a free initial consultation with most of them.