Always make an offer...

I read an article or post somewhere awhile back, and that author suggested you shud always make an offer even if the seller doesn’t seem motivated and unwilling to budge on price.
I wud usually hang up on the unmotivated seller ASAP and the deal wud soon be a distant memory.
However I’m not one to discount good advice and now I have made it a priority to give every unmotivated seller an offer, even ridiculous rude and lowball offers if he asks for it or not. Of course I like to do this with a letter or postcard so as not to subject myself to an angry homeowners verbal bashing.
And Low and Behold, I have recently closed 2 deals doing just that, for one for $8,000 and one for $4,000. The latest one was a house built in the late 50’s and had never been upgraded. Comps came in at 140-150K Seller was firm on his price of 110 and I estimate this house needed 30K or more in upgrades, new kitchen, new bathrooms, carpets, paint plumbing and electrical upgrades.
This is the type of deal I wud usually walk away from, but, remembering the advice I read, I went ahead and wrote it up for 110K I mean why not, I offered no earnest deposit, there is absolutely no risk.
None of my buyers wanted it. Cept for one, he offered $114,000
It just closed and I was happy to get my 4 Grand.
With this closing and the 8K from another recent deal I realized this is 12K I Wundt have if I had turned my back on these marginal deals like I’ve been doing.
Now I spend the 10-15 minutes looking up the value and writing up a short note and making an offer on every thing that comes my way.
I suggest you consider doing the same
It just might pay off.

Great point! What can it hurt, especially if it is in writing and your not on the phone listening to them freak out. Plus, if it is writing, they could stash the paper and when their desperate 6 months from now, haul it out and give you a call. What’s not to love about that. Awesome. Keep up the great posts.

That is a great point! I’LL make the offer anyway what can it hurt.

sometimes you just need to keep it open with an offer. I have closed a few by just keeping a loose end.