Aluminum Wiring

 This weekend I was doing some work on my rental and I found out that it has aluminum wiring.  I'm kicking myself for not catching that during due dilligence!  :banghead
 Bottom line: should I rewire this place?

Fire risk with aluminum wire is higher. Figure out if the cost to rewire outweighs the cost to rebuild.

There is some sort of patch kit that you can use on each of the junction boxes in the building if you don’t want to rewire all together.

Aluminum wiring is not really a huge problem. JUst be careful if you replace anything not to twist it too much.

The problem comes in when you try to bod the aluminum wiring with other types of wiring…make sure you use proper “Copalum” bonding connectors and proper bonding instructions.


I"m an electrician by trade. aluminum wire should be changed, they don’t use it for residential use for a reason. Just the service can be aluminum. Some insurance companies will not insure properties like this. Yes you should be kicking yourself. Not only will you have to change the wire but you might have to update the house to code. Most state require a home to have a permit pulled and inspected, rewires must meet NEC standards. Good luck.